Kristen (Part II), 35 years old

gets_easier_Rachel_242600 San Pablo

It’s really tough having a small business. It’s so stressful…Maybe she’ll be different in two weeks. I’m writing a book. It’s definitely taking some years off my life. Maybe when it’s done, there will be an opening. And then maybe things will get easier. I don’t really know. It’s just been really horrible, really hard for a year.

It was a huge decision when we moved onto San Pablo. I love my building which is why we’re here. It’s such a weird street and it’s so transitory. I was nervous about what kind of people might come in, there are just so many different types of people, with so many different programs. And really there haven’t been any issues, and it’s very interesting. I can and can’t believe that one day I’m gonna look back and be like,  I had a business on San Pablo.

Kristin, 35 years old
6328 San Pablo Avenue

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