Kristin, 35 years old

be_nicer_Kristine_35_6328 San Pablo

I have nothing really positive to say, it’s really crazy. First I want to say that I doubt I’ll be alive when I’m 80. And that I cannot even fathom what it’s gonna be like when I’m 80 because I don’t have any money. And so trying to envision where I’m living or what I’m doing. I can’t even imagine with you. How sad is that? It’s kind of a crazy statement.

I guess I think she would say you work too hard and you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. I think that is what she’d say to me. I think I’m gonna look back and say, put in perspective what matters and what doesn’t matter and why you’re so hard on yourself. I’m so stressed out. I’m so incredibly stressed out. I can only imagine I’ll get cancer.

I feel like she might be stressed out, which makes me sad. It makes me sad to think that I’m stressing out so much now about things that don’t exactly matter that it could make her stressed out when she’s 80, right?

Kristin, 35
6328 San Pablo Avenue

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