Jerome, 54 years old


I would think the older person would say, Do you see what I was trying to tell you? When we are young we are sometimes dumb. So if I do step out of my younger life into my older life, I would tell me,  I told you this, you should have done this. You probably would’ve been a little more advanced if you had just listened to what I said. And as the older one telling me, I would say, you were right.

And I would have said I seen what you had said but I just didn’t listen. Sometimes we’re young, being young and naive, that’s true. But the older people always seem to know the way. The older people, they’ve been here before so it’s sometimes best to listen but we don’t. Then when things get bad or too late, then the older person will say, ‘I told you so.

Jerome, 54 years old
6501 San Pablo Avenue

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