Lars, 44 years old


Experience a lot but take it in moderation. Don’t do excessive things. Don’t waste your youth. Focus, focus on what you want to do and hold steady. Don’t falter. I feel so sad right now…(laughs). No, no, no I’m happy for my experiences. It’s just — I lost a lot of time there.

I know, yeah, so past stuff. Right. Not what already happened, right.

Go out and meet people, don’t be afraid of the experiences that you’re gonna have because isolation is not fun. Live your life in a good way. Keep on focusing on what you want to do. Don’t falter, just go head first.

I was just in a near death accident a year ago. That changed my life. It sounds so cliché but I have no more patience for arguing, no more patience for people whining… not even my nephews and they’re like 10 years old. When they start whining, I ignore them. I say, don’t whine around me, grow up a little bit. You really have to face the facts… Pay attention, pay attention to life. Life is precious. I hate sounding cliché but life is really precious. There is so much to do out there. Don’t be afraid of new experiences. Take them in moderation, unless it’s something you want to follow. I think that’s the basis of what I’d say. I mean I can’t know my future.

Quit being anti-social, get out there and do things. Don’t be afraid of life. My dad is 91. I have a long-living gene somewhere in there. Because of all the fish they eat. Omegas, omegas 8s, omega 5s, omega 3s.

Lars, 44 years old
2709 San Pablo Avenue

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